Here’s how our telehealth services work…

once you speak with us, we provide a link that you click on and it will automatically connect you to us—-nothing to download! The link will allow us to provide this service to you remotely over any device!

View the video below to see how the service begins and why this service might be a better option for your situation

Here is how you would connect with us using our telehealth services, we provide you a link that you would click on and this video explains what follows

We can provide this service to you for added…

  • Comfort: If you or your family member would feel more comfortable having us deliver services with us being outside your home, we can provide a link that allows you to connect with us from any device be it phone, tablet or desktop computer!

  • Convenience: Connect with your family member to our services if you are not with us, or if you are at the home and need to have someone else who lives far away involved during the consultation. This means we can provide a three party service over the internet—-no need to download any software, just click on the link we send to you so you can connect with everyone!