We provide professional evaluations and specific recommendations designed to optimize your parent(s) living situation, including navigating their community and options outside of their current home.

With aging parents of our own, we know just how difficult it can be to determine if parent(s) & loved ones are able to continue living safely and comfortably in their own home.  If your parent(s) are like most aging americans, they are firmly committed to remaining in their homes throughout their elder years.  However, there may be questions about safety, difficulty moving within and maintaining their home. You may have also wondered if they should have additional caregiving supports, meals brought to the home, transportation assistance, or just occasional help with household chores.

We are able to answer those questions, even if you live far away from your parents. We can begin with a phone consultation and even provide virtual-based services through today's technology.

We are specialists, highly-trained occupational therapists and are certified aging in place specialists. We are able to provide professional,  post-graduate doctoral level services that are research-based, such as:

  • Home assessments to determine the kinds of home adaptations necessary to improve safety and ease for mobility
  • Safety assessments that determine cognitive abilities such as: memory, judgement, organization and problem-solving for everyday tasks from getting dressed, taking medications, meal preparation to financial management. This includes mobility assessments that address balance, strength and vision, and how your parent(s) are able to maneuver in their home
  • Activities assessments to determine how they do the everyday tasks and utilization of adaptive techniques & technology, where appropriate

These services help determine if their home is still a good fit for them. What if it is determined that their home is not a good fit, then what?

  • We provide referrals and suggestions for the right level of help at home. This could be the difference between getting 24/7 caregiver support OR only for specific tasks that they need help with at home.
  • We are able to determine if alternative living arrangements are needed and what the right level of care is needed, if it is assisted living or skilled nursing facility with long term care
  • We have resources to community agencies, professional in-home medical services, elder law, caregiver agencies, and transition services for moving out of the home. For a sample of services, go to our Resources page.

So why Living Fully At Home?  The reality is that there are no simple checklists or one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges of adapting a parent(s) home environment to meets the needs of the individual(s) because everyone's situation is unique.  Our goal is to help you understand whether or not your parent(s) home is a good fit, and if so, to formulate and prioritize a plan that addresses their specific challenges as they seek to continue enjoying a safe, satisfying  and  meaningful life at home.  In addition, our experience allows us to help educate you on the potential challenges that lie ahead, so that you can plan to address them before they become significant issues.