AARP recommends teaming up with an Occupational Therapist & Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) to make your home a "Good Fit" for you!  Click here to learn more. Living Fully at Home staff provides the professional services AARP recommends  ---we are occupational therapists and certified aging in place specialists!

We have certified aging in place specialists (CAPS), a certification from the National Association of Homebuilders that equips us to provide professional services using properly trained staff. 

For more information on types of services we offer for aging adults, click here.

Aging in place means supporting a person to age in their own home. This may mean minor home adaptations and identifying supports that allow seniors to live in their own home safely and independently for as long as possible.  At Living Fully At Home, a primary focus of our evaluation and services are:

  • Identifying challenges that our clients have developed while aging, making sure their home still "fits" them and their needs
  • Modifying the home environment to minimize the impacts of those challenges, starting with basic and simple solutions such as installing a grab bar
  • Creating adaptive ways to safely perform basic daily activities

A 2010 AARP survey found that 88 percent of respondents over age 65 want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and 92 percent indicate wanting to remain in their communities for as long as they can do so comfortably and safely. Seniors show a preference for aging in place and it is important that we not only safely adapt homes and communities, but to meet the needs of these aging residents by connecting them to services they need within their communities.  


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