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Celebrating Seniors Week - Celebrating Seniors Coalition

Living Fully At Home will be presenting during the 2017 Celebrating Seniors Week, on Sunday May 21st at the Oak Park Public Library, second floor conference room at 3:30.  Our presentation is titled:

Let's Get Real:  Practical Tips to Continue Living Safely and Comfortably in Your Home & Community.  We'll cover information on:

  • Moving safely in your home to reduce fall risks
  • Setting up your home to manage or reduce the onset of typical aches and pains
  • How to effectively communicate with your healthcare team to address your true health needs and concerns
  • Staying social and engaged in your community when your mobility becomes more limited

The theme for this years' celebration is "Age Out Loud."  For more information on how you can participate in the activities & conversations click the link Celebrating Seniors Week.  This will be the seventh year for this important and influential gathering.  If you haven't attending previously, take a look @ this great retrospective on past events.

We're looking forward to seeing you during the week and at our presentation.  

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