As we age, it's normal for driving abilities to change.  Age-related declines in vision, hearing, certain health conditions and medications can affect one's driving skills.  By reducing risk factors & incorporating safe driving practices, many will continue to drive safely well into their senior years.  

Critical to any driving strategy is being aware of any warning signs that indicate risk factors may be interfering with safe driving, so that appropriate adjustments can be made.  

If you'd like more information on a useful evaluation process, Living Fully At Home can refer you to a qualified representative of CarFit, a community based safety program designed and developed by AARP, AAA, and the American Occupational Therapy Association, (AOTA).  The program offers older drivers a opportunity to better understand how well their current vehicle "fits" them and their driving habits.  

In addition, AAA’s Roadwise™,  a senior defensive driving program is provided in the form of an online course, that can be taken where and when it's convenient for you.  Roadwise™ has been designed to positively affect driving behavior and help you learn about and adjust to age-related physical changes.

The Illinois Secretary of State's Vehicle Services and Drivers License Division also provides a great deal of useful information for older drivers wishing to maintain driving independence.